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Now months later into the conflict with thousands of people displaced and continuously endangered, many of them innocent and defenseless women and children. The Russian war machine aims to instill fear and misery amongst the population of Ukraine. 

Attacks on the Ukrainian people have intensified, leaving many people vulnerable and in need of assistance. Ukraine is still in a fight for survival, your help is still crucial. By donating, you can support Ukraine in that fight, and help them make a significant difference and keep their moral up knowing they have that support.

Your contribution can and will provide essential resources and support for those in need, ensuring the safety and resilience of the Ukrainian people. 

Please consider making a donation today to help protect innocent civilians and secure the future of Ukraine.

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CARES DIRECTOR John Banaszkiewicz with the children in Ukraine

Why we started the Charity - Our Mission

During the early stages of the war, we journeyed to Ukraine where we were deeply touched by the courage and bravery exhibited by the Ukrainian people. The condition of the medical care in the region was especially disheartening, and we felt an urgent need to help them.

That’s how and when CARES UKRAINE was born, and we are proud to say that our supporters have contributed a staggering amount of over £250,000 towards aiding Ukraine. In order to help others understand the war in Ukraine we even went the extra mile and produced an impactful mini-documentary that captures the relentless brutality of this major war in Europe.

Our goal is to keep interest in as many people as possible and rally support towards helping Ukrainians fight for thier countries survival. Our strategy is simple and effective; we strive to deliver direct relief to these resilient communities reducing any involvement of middlemen or expensive administrative costs. 

With your continued backing, we will strive to offer humanitarian aid to those in need. Together, let’s say Slava Ukraini and make a meaningful difference! Please, Please don’t delay donate today!


On 5th October 2023 we held an auction to raise money for Cares Ukraine, We auctioned off everything from Rolex watches, Ukrainian Artwork, to luxury holidays. 


We at CARES Ukraine help support teams of Nurses, Doctors, Trauma Surgeons and anaesthesiologists who provide medical care and medical evacuations for front-line civilians or injured troops. The volunteers unit consist of dedicated medical professionals from Ukraine and the EU who operate in the most basic facilities behind the front battle lines. The teams perform dangerous medical frontline response with very limited resources, often using civilian vehicles that normally have a short life expectancy. The medical team treats an average of 500 priority red casevacs per month, these are critical injuries requiring immediate life or death attention.

At CARES UKRAINE we supply these medical units with essential equipment such as pressure bandages, tourniquets, clotting agents, and other critical supplies to treat trauma injuries. CARES UKRAINE provides essential first aid for both for soldiers as well as civilians which is why our medical units can’t get support with first aid from the Red Cross.

Join the humanitarian effort to make a difference in the lives of those on the front lines and civilians affected by the war.


follow us... from Burnley to Bakhmut

Our first visit to Ukraine was in late spring 2023. The expedition was to deliver vital humanitarian aid and our first armoured ambulance to the front line at Bakhmut, a city that was under heavy assault from the PMC Wagner millitary forces. 

We journeyed from Burnley in Lancashire and across from Britain through Europe and into Ukraine.  Please watch our short film and share in our experience and witness the resilience and bravery of the Ukrainian people.

To the many heroes we met on this journey, we support their fight against tyranny. Please give generously.


Everything we sell in our shop, the profits go towards our charity


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We aim to deliver safe and effective aid to the Ukrainian army and civilians by providing resources and supplies. Our goal is to support those fighting for their freedom and assist civilians affected by the ongoing conflict.